The Orphanage/Children's Home in Chiang Rai recently came under government scrutiny.  There was a fire at another orphanage and children died.  The Thai government is now requiring some safety changes, and they cost money.

The estimated annual cost per child is about:    $20.00/month/child.

Currently they have about 90 children altogether.  They are at capacity.

 - If you would like to sponsor a child for one year or longer, please contact us for details.  or

Sponsor a Child at the Orphanage

Other Expenses/Savings Needed

60 Day trip to Thailand Cost ~ $15,000

Sponser Children:

Christian School:            $1,200 per child per year

Little Nest:                       $60 per child per month

Rental Vehicle:

   Van/Motorcycle               $ 1,000   

Lodging/Food                     $4,000

Reoccuring Gov exp.

    2 x Visa's                           $ 160 

​​​Sponsor a Young Mother and her child/children

If you want to sponsor a young mother and her child / children, just let us know.  You can sponsor thru us here at 61Mercy, or you can go thru Home of the Swallow.  The cost to sponsor one young woman and one child is $500.00 per month.  You can do all or part.  Just let us know!

*When you give, send us an email and let us know where you want the money to go to a specific project.  If not, it will go into the general fund.  100% of money received goes to ministry.

What we need per month - $1,500

Where we are now - $500  per month                                 What we are short per month - $1,000

We are getting closer to our required budget!  Thanks to everyone who has joined with us!

***** If you would like to see our Finances/Giving, please send me an email. *****

Air Fare                                               $ 2,000

Ministry Expenses                            $ 1,500  

Sponser child Christian School     $1,200 per child per year

Emergency Funds
    Cash needed to get out

    of the country in 24 hours.          $ 3,000

Give via Text!!

We now have the ability to accept donations via TEXT!

Just text: 719-722-3545, the amount, space, JTTW61M

Ex.    $250.00 JTTW61M

I'ts that Simple! 
You will be prompted to enter your CC info and the system will securely store the information.

It's Safe, Simple, and Secure!

When its done, you will receive a receipt.

 Ministry Expenses